Wine Pairing with Bruschetta Bar

Chef Meagan.jpg

Last week I had the delight of putting together an amazing event for a West Loop client with the help of Chef Meagan Lombaer (aka The Radical Larder). It was for a group of about 30 guests and Meagan came up with the novel idea of creating a Bruschetta Bar- take some grilled crusty bread and top it yourself with different sauces, meats, veggies, fruits and cheeses- what could be better for a party?!

I had a blast selecting wines to pair up with the toppers and here's how some of it went:

While those may be better pairings for the wines, I highly recommend everyone to dabble and try out different combos. Might as well when you have a whole bar to choose from!

If you'd like to have an event like this for your guests, feel free to contact me for help in putting it together- it was absolutely amazing!

Bachelorette Wine Tasting Events with WCWG

This post goes out to all the ladies: if you have a girlfriend who's planning a Bachelorette Party and wants to kick it off right, suggest a wine tasting hosted by the Windy City Wine Guy!  You can start the evening in a private venue tasting select wines paired with corresponding cheese and appetizers, all selected by a certified professional sommelier.  All wine and pairings will be explained in a social atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy eachother's company, exchange gifts and gain more knowledge on one of your favorite beverages. 

Every event is different and tailored to your needs.  You can try a variety of different wines based on country (US, Italy, New Zealand, etc.), region (Tuscany, Sonoma, Rhone, etc.), varietal (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Malbec, etc.), style (sparkling, red, dessert, etc.) and price (value, exceptional, collectible, etc.).  Tastings normally last from 1 1/2 to 3 hours in length and pricing can be as low as $20 per lady!

Contact me for pricing and availability for the special day- and as an added bonus ask me about getting a discount on a stretch limo from Exen Limousine!

Super Bowl Wine Pairings


Super Bowl XLV is approaching fast and everyone should have a good idea what food will be on the menu for the big game.  Beer is probably the beverage choice for over 70% of you,  but I'm calling an audible to put a twist in your gameplan.  Here's a few typical Super Bowl foods and some pairing ideas:

  • Pizza.  An extremely popular choice which needs a beverage that can stand up to sweet, tangy tomatoes, cheese and topping choices.  You're going to need a wine with decent body and acidity to play with the tomato, some tannin for any meat, spice and juicy red fruit to enhance the experience.  I love Sangiovese, like Avignonesi Rosso di Montepulciano ($15.99), or a Zinfandel like Foxglove ($12.99).
  • Buffalo Wings.  Food like this is synonymous with sports viewing.  You'll definitely need some body on the wine along with some sweetness to pair with the spiciness of the wings and saltiness of the blue cheese.  I like Riesling, like Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler QbA ($12.99), Pinot Gris like Seven Hills ($13.99) or a very fruity Australian red like Mitolo "Jester" Cabernet Sauvignon ($11.99).
  • Chili.  The crockpots will be working overtime this weekend and you're going to need a wine with body, meatiness, acidity and spiciness to stand up your recipe.  Syrah/Shiraz is perfect for this dish, and I'd go with Ben Glaetzer Heartland Shiraz ($13.99) or Four Vines Paso Robles Syrah ($13.99).
  • Burgers.  Many will be firing up the grill for some burger delight.  You'll need a beefy wine with some tannins, body and ripe fruit to help you take a bite out of that charred flavor.  I love Malbec for the task, especially Cueva de las Manos Malbec Reserve ($12.99).
  • Hot Dogs.  Another popular meat choice, this depends mostly upon how you'll be topping it.  For the typical Chicago-style, I like my German Riesling choice we used for the wings.  For a chili dog, go with the Syrah/Shiraz choices from the chili.

So for beer drinkers who want a little more than Pilsners, I suggest you try something different like Goose Island Pepe Nero, Two Brothers The Bitter End Pale Ale or Bell's Best Brown Ale

Whatever you do, I know you'll score but if you take any of these picks, they're guaranteed to be a touchdown!