Build Your Wine Cellar with Vintage Cellars

Custom Vintage CellarThe storage of a wine collection is crucial to the maintenance and enjoyment of any collector’s investment.  The proper combination of humidity, light, and temperature is ideally done in a way that makes it easy for oenophiles to display and access their collection.  When a collection expands beyond the size easily stored in a wine cabinet, it's time to consider installing a wine cellar in your home.

For wine collectors in the Chicagoland area who are ready for this step, there are a number of options available which allow local residents to design and install a cellar for your wines.  Whether you are seeking to convert your basement, or want to install a small alcove in a pantry, Vintage Cellars offers custom designs for spaces of any size in addition to wine rooms premade for installation.   In approximately 8 weeks, they work with you to take a drawing of your wine room’s available space and design a completed cellar.  They recommend customers use a contractor to complete work on the walls, floor, and any needed HVAC work for a cellar cooling system.  Vintage Cellars is also happy to recommend a Chicago area contractor, or work with your crew to ensure that walls and floor meet the specific needs of your wine collection.  Once the cellar is ready, they'll install the rack system designed for you.

The company is run by wine lovers who truly appreciate the value each wine holds for its owner. Collectors benefit from Vintage Cellars’ extensive experience aging and storing wines when choosing materials for construction.  Personal consultation gives attention to the cellar’s look, feel, and storage with a variety of offerings available including flooring reclaimed from wooden wine barrels for an exciting and unique, wine-focused touch.

For more information on how a wine cellar can contribute to the enjoyment of your collection read up on proper wine storage, then check out Vintage Cellars at their website:  And if you need help filling your new wine cellar with prime investment & drinking selections, don't forget to contact me at  Happy collecting, and happy drinking!