Wines of Veneto

I recently attended a wine dinner at 437 Rush where Wines of Veneto were highlighted.  Most of us hear Veneto and start thinking of waterways, carnivals and gondolas.  All of those are what the city of Venice (Venezia), located in the Veneto region, is famous for.  The Veneto, on the other hand, is known for its art, cheese, salumi and wine.  The region is a very important wine growing area, making the most DOC (regulated quality level) wine in Italy.  Here's some wines you may have heard of:

  • Prosecco.  This wine is made sparkling from the Glera grape varietal and is named after the town of Prosecco.  Normally made dry, light and crisp. 
  • Soave.  Made from the Garganega varietal around the comune of Soave, this wine can exhibit lemon, spice and nuttiness.
  • Valpolicella.  A wine made in the growing region which shares its name out of three local varietals: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.  Normally made light weight and exhibits sour cherry flavor.
  • Amarone.  A powerful wine grown in Valpolicella, it is mainly comprised of the Corvina varietal.  Mocha, chocolate and earthy tones are present in this rich wine.

There are also some very good wines which most have not heard of like Lison which is made from the Tocai Italico varietal, Lugana which is a light white wine made from Trebbiano, and Friularo Bagnoli, made from the Friularo varietal in Bagnoli, makes red wines with full body and tannins along with cherry flavor and floral aroma.  There is a lot to love about these wines as they can stand on their own, be enjoyed in all seasons, and go well with food, especially Venetian cuisine.  They vary in price from affordable to expensive and can be found in wine shops and on wine lists throughout the city.  If you get the chance, travel to this region, and if not, know that you can experience it in your own home!

Big thanks to 437 Rush, Wines of Veneto and their sommelier, Aurora Endrici, who gave an excellent presentation on the wines.  Buona fortuna!