Whole Foods offers Whole Wines

While doing some weekly shopping with my wife at Whole Foods in the south loop I could not resist checking the wine section (like I always do).  I noticed that it had grown to an enormous size since they first opened.  Not only was the section quite large, but there was wine everywhere- in the aisles, by the vegetables, the meats, etc.  Since I perceive Whole Foods not only to offer a superior product than other supermarkets, but also the finer things in life, it makes me happy to see good wines marketed with great foods.

There are also a few things which make the experience even better while shopping: 

  1. Purchase a Vin-O-Pass.  You can load money onto the card then try sample some wines.  The pours (30ml) come out of a dispenser straight from the bottle into a provided glass.  They range in price from $.50-4.00 and there are over ten wines available.  You can put on your own tasting!

  2. Not only is the inventory huge but some of the selections are from organic or sustainable practicing producers and around $10.  Some of my picks are Boomtown Chardonnay ($10.97) and Syrah ($12.97) both from Dusted Valley Vintners, Washington state.  Also for $10.99 each- Quinta Dos Grilos Portuguese red, El Quintanal Ribera del Duero, Gascon Malbec, and a great white for those who have been to San Gimignano in Tuscany, Teruzzi E Puthod Vernaccia.  Plus if you buy 6 or more bottles you get 10% off- Enjoy!

  3. There is a great beer selection offering organic and local product like Two Brothers, Three Floyds, and Lamar Street organic from Goose Island.

  4. It is located right next to the cheese and olives- great for pairing with help from their expert staff.