Straight Facts: Mexican Coke

2179FG2G8XL._SL160_AA115_[1]During a visit to one of my new favorite Printer's Row eateries, Flaco's Tacos, I noticed they soldm[1] Mexican Coke.  Now, I have had it before, and know much about it.  But I am very sure that many of us in this country have no clue what the exact difference is.

The major difference between the Coke made in this country and in others, like Mexico, is high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS.  HFCS is a sugar substitute made completely of corn.  The glucose from corn is chemically modified, and becomes an inexpensive product with sugar sweetness and longer shelf-life.  Since real sugar is a bit more expensive to get a hold of, and corn is readily available in the US, many American products include this manmade product.  It is proven to be harder to digest, and relatable to health problems such as obesity, liver disease, and diabetes. 

Mexican Coke is made with real sugar, instead of HFCS, just like many European products.  My favorite such product is42002[1] San Pellegrino Aranciata.  They have distributed it here with HFCS, but is available with no sugar substitute at many specialty Italian shops, like Panozzo's in the South Loop. 

tt1000037[2]OK- time to get on my pulpit.  I am very glad that many people are becoming more health conscious, but I hope that everyone is willing to take a good look at the ingredients of everything you buy.  Do not take it for granted that the companies making these products are looking out for your best interest- they are run by corporations, whose main goal is $$$, not your health or safety.  These facts also do not reflect well upon our government.  It seems that other countries, like Mexico and the EU, are more concerned with the health of their people than with how much money corporations can save.  We are a part of the greatest country in the world.  It is very important that we remember that, and also realize that the people are still in control.  If we refuse to purchase these products, they will stop making them.  If we voice our displeasure with our elected officials enough, they will work for us.  For a bit more about this all Natural talk, check out this link.

Also, if you get a chance, check out Flaco's Tacos.  Not only can you order online and pick up your food in the blink of an eye, but they make fantastic, homemade Mexican.  Their grilled tilapia tacos are awesome, along with the carne asada.  And their homemade salsas are the best I've had, especially the green salsa.  Check it out if you're in the neighborhood, and let me know what you think!