New Year's Wine Resolutions

So we're just over three weeks into 2011 and though I'm sure everyone came into January with a New Year's Resolution or two, it's never too late to add another, especially if it involves wine!  Here are a few suggestions for you to try out:



  • Add more wine to your diet.  Wine consumption has many benefits.  It's been proven to be beneficial for your heart and overall health, reduce your chances to be afflicted by cancer and aid in weight control.  This, of course, should be done with moderation.  If you stay in the 1-2 glass range (6-12 oz.) then you will be in a beneficial zone, whereas if you exceed that amount on a regular basis, you could actually harm yourself in other ways: cirrhosis of the liver or other forms of cancer could result.  Add more red wine to your diet and you should live a healthier life.
  • Add to or start your collection.  A personal wine collection can aid you in a number of areas like entertaining, investment, wine knowledge, respect and a sort of coming to age.  Your friends will be impressed when they visit (and drink your wine!), your wine will grow in value and maturity, and you'll feel more full and accomplished.  If you haven't started your collection, splurge and pick out a collectable bottle to get started.  If you already have one, do the same!
  • Try new wines.  I meet so many people who only drink from France and California, Italy and Spain, Australian, etc.  It's great that you like those wines, but there's a whole world out there full of different varietals and styles.  Pick out a new varietal, country or growing region and check out something new.
  • Wine/Food Pairings.  Certain wines go best with certain foods.  Try to get into classic pairings like goat cheese with Sauvignon Blanc, caviar with Champagne, lamb with Bordeaux rouge, etc.  Then try new pairings like Thai with Gewurztraminer, grilled beef with Argentine Malbec or pizza with Zinfandel.  Try to see how they one enhances the other and help you enjoy the experience all the more.

These are just a few ways to incorporate wine more into your life and I'm sure there are many more.  Let all of know how you plan on doing it or if you decide to take any of the suggestions above!

Healthy New Year's Resolutions, Weight Loss & Wine

OK, so we're finally done with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, etc. (though the Super Bowl is coming up!) and it's time to undo some of the damage that's been done and lose some poundage.  Hit the gym, pound the pavement, eating right, yoga classes, whatever gets you to sweat it out.  But all of this does NOT mean you have to give up some of your favorite beverages; namely wine and beer. 

Studies have shown the redeeming health benefits of MODERATE consumption of wine and beer.  I am not telling anyone to go out and fill your fridges with beers and pantries with wine or that you will lose weight if you take in these beverages.  But one to two drinks daily, and no more, promotes HDL lipoprotein (good cholesterol) which removes cholesterol from the bloodstream and transports it to the liver for removal.  Wine also contains flavonoids (polyphenols) and resveratrol, both known as antioxidants, which help slow cellular damage to the body and prevent plaque and clotting in the arteries, preventing cancer, heart disease and promoting cardiovascular health.  Beer, on the otherhand, is great because it contains many nutrients and vitamins from grains and yeast which survive the fermentation process.  You can also consume light beers which will give you the same benefits with less calories.

Still, I have to preach moderation.  Neither beer nor wine will actually help you lose fat.  Only a cut in calorie intake, proper diet and exercise will help you with that goal.  But when you reach your goal weight, those beverages will help you maintain your health and weight. 

If you overindulge in beer, wine or spirits, it will prove detrimental to your overall health.  Your liver will suffer from overuse and you could gain weight from the excess calories of the beverages and possible "munchies" consumed during lowered will power.

So when you embark on your 2010 diets, remember to count your beverage calories in with your overall daily intake.  This will lead you to your fat/weight loss goals as well as to you enjoying more of your favorite beverages.  And a longer, healthier life!

(Image courtesy of flickr)