Great Sandwich Shop in St. Helena: Guigni!

Looking for a bite after our Duckhorn tasting, we headed into downtown St. Helena.  The road is lined with small local shops and plenty of street parking.  We entered the W.J. Guigni (pronounced Gween-Yi) Grocery Co. and it was like walking into a time warp!  There were signs from WWII recruiting, Coca-Cola, etc. along with Jaw-Breakers, and antique soda machines.  The deli options were numerous- the sliced breads and rolls were so soft and fresh, local meat and cheese options, and ripe fresh produce- love the tomatoes, sprouts, and avocado (which was so soft it was spread on the bread in place of mayo!).  Bacon is a house favorite (and mine too) along with a house made concoction called "Guigni Juice"- a sandwich vinagrette made with oil and herbs.  You can even take a bottle home.  The place was lively as locals and tourists rushed the counter to place orders.  The helpful, youthful staff put together killer sandwiches while our mouths watered.  We went for some kettle chips and a refreshing Jones Cream Soda- now with the switch to pure cane sugar!  Mmmm- get your Guigni and Jones on!