Wine & Cooking Series Part 1

Lately I've received so many questions and inquiries on wine with food, so I decided to start a video series on wine pairings and how it fits in the kitchen.  I love using wine in the kitchen, so I'm kicking off Part 1 with making meatballs and one of my favorite white wine values.  I'm not using the wine as part of the recipe, but I will be using (drinking) it while cooking!  Check out the video:

I had a great time making the meatballs and, as you can see, they turned out great!  If you look at one of them cut open, you can see all the fresh herbs, translucent sweet onion and the red bell pepper which retained its fabulous crunchiness.  This was such a great experience that I couldn't help but to make sauce with more fresh herbs and lots of veggies, and boil up some linguini.  I put them all together, sliced some fresh mozzarella to put on top and you can see the finished product- delicious!