Turn Bad into Good- Vicktory Dog Wines

1-22vicktorycollectionw-wax400px11By now everyone has heard of former NFL quarterback Mike Vick and all the controversy which surrounds him.  Dog lovers will never forget the story of how he and his crew ran a dog fighting ring, and trained, tortured, and executed dogs.  Vick is currently in jail and bankrupt while the dogs that survived have been put up for adoption.  22 of the dogs were brought to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.  Those lucky dogs are now being featured in a 22 bottle collection of Syrahs.  Each dog is represented by name and painted by Cyrus Mejia, artist and co-founder of Best Friends, to resemble their personalities.  The wine is created by Carivintas Winery,in Santa Ynez Valley, California, which specializes in making wines for nonprofit groups.  The entire collection is available for $672 (just over $30/bottle) with 10% going to Best Friends.  Get some wine and support a good cause!