Wine Guy On Demand Launches

Ever been stuck with the wine list at a business lunch and had no idea what to order?  Wanted to impress on a first date but weren't sure what wine would do?  Buying wine for a present but not sure if it was good enough for a friend's cellar?  Tried a bunch of Wine Apps with automated responses and no rhyme or reason?  Well, as a trained and certified sommelier, I've been answering these types of questions for years.  I decided to make myself available to everyone at any time of the day.  Here's how it works:

Download Wine Guy On Demand from iTunes straight to your iPhone (look for more versions in the future!) and all the answers to your wine questions are just moments away.  Type in some simple information and submit your question.  If I'm Online, you can expect a detailed answer in minutes.  If I'm Offline, no problem.  Your question will be stored and answered as soon as I return.  It's that simple!

There are many Wine Apps out there, but I'm aiming to provide a one on one connection you just cannot get from an automated database.  Think of it as having a sommelier or wine guy in your pocket!