Current News: Juicy Wine Company, Drinks Over Dearborn

A whole lot going on with the Chicago wine scene right now (as always!) and here's the latest scoop on two places: Juicy Wine Company and Drinks Over Dearborn.

Juicy is supposedly close to being sold according to co-owner, Rodney Alex.  They've been in operation for about 3 years now on 694 N. Milwaukee Ave., and will be sold to current manager Chris Dunstatter and friend Chip Dudley.  A remodeling is in order, along with a new name, more selections, earlier retail sales (11am) and a parking lot patio.  They will also be applying for a 4am license.  Good luck to the prospective new owners and Rodney on his new venture: a Juicy wine project in Anderson Valley.

As for Drinks Over Dearborn, owner Kyle McHugh is starting his 500 Benjamins or Bust campaign.  The establishment has been open for about 1 year on 650 N. Dearborn, 2nd floor, and due to our current economic instability, is in a bit of their own.  McHugh is seeking 500 customers willing to open an account with at least $100 and is giving the following benefits:

  • 5% discount on merchandise

  • 10% off classes

  • special events/offers for the 500

On February 27th there will also be a live 24 hour webcast telethon featuring Kyle and his wife, along with friends and volunteers performing and manning the phones.  If this works, it will give Drinks Over Dearborn enough operating capital to operate for 6 months and have a real shot at making it past the economic woes.  If not, Kyle has vowed to return the "Benjamin" pledges and close shop on March 5th.  If you are a fan of entrepreneurs and see the value in supporting a small shop which features over 400 hand selected items and classes, then jump in on the fun, lend a hand and your Benjamins!