Father's Day in the Wine Biz


There is not much I like better than to see a success story come from an immigrant family, especially an Italian one.  After all, that's what the USA is all about!  It is also great to see that success flourish into a family business, run by a father and his children.  That is what I am featuring this Father's Day with the Terlato family.This is a three generation operation which was started by Tony's father in Chicago 50 years ago.  Tony's father was born in Italy and came to the US with his parents, and lived in Brooklyn before their business endeavors brought them to Chicago.  Since then, The Terlato family, through patriarch Anthony Terlato, has grown into one of the largest wine importers, as well as creating and owning many of their own labels such as Tangley Oaks, Chimney Rock, Sanford, Alderbrook, and Rutherford Hill, to name a few.  The company is now run by president Bill Terlato, and brother John, with much help from their father Tony. 

Tony trusts his children to build on a tradition of excellence, bringing quality wines from around the globe to the US.  They have commitment and loyalty to eachother, as well as to the business.  The love is evident, as John routinely gives his father a kiss each morning and night.  This family devotion reminds me of the relationship my brother and I had for our father, while growing up in an Italian American family.  The love of your family helps translate to an overall enthusiasm in life and business.  My love of life, family, and heritage helps me strive to bring quality wines and reviews to all through my website, as well as through my recommendations as a sommelier.

I hope everyone can enjoy this story and find a way to relate it to yourselves on this joyous day, celebrating fathers everywhere!