Boxed Wine Craze - A Ready to Drink Option

As the Windy City Wine Guy, hearing the words "box" and "wine" in the same sentence is like hearing "steak" and "well-done" (gotta have some blood in that meat!).  But, with a little bit of research and tasting, seeing those two words together may be a taste of the future.

Whether most want to admit it or not, this is a part of our past, present, and future.  Most families used to, and do today, use larger receptacles to hold wine.  WIth the awareness of our world's energy problems, growers and producers have been stepping up and going green.  With all of the biodynamics and organics, it only makes sense that ready to drink wines (RTDs) will be boxed.

Many wines are made RTD- especially affordable ones.  These wines do not need the slow process of bottle aging to soften them and bring around their full potential.  But when these wines are placed in 750ml bottles and transported around the globe, that uses energy.  The glass is recyclable, but many do not recycle.  The new boxes are 3L (equal to 4 bottles) and recyclable- do it!

I bought the 2006 Killer Juice California Central Coast Cabernet today for $14.99 from Sam's Wine in the South Loop.  The spout pops out of the box and pours easily.  It seals the wine in and is usable for up to six weeks.  The wine is a lighter style of Cab with dusty dark fruit on the nose and palate along with some oak and licorice.  The finish lasts a good five seconds.  This wine is good with light meats and tomato sauces.  79 pts. WG

New technology is available with the Tetra Pak and Tetra Prisma.  French, American, and the eagerly awaited Yellow+Blue Argentine Malbec are on the way- I cannot wait until they are available in the Windy City.  These containers are amazing!  And the Windy City Wine Guy will be there to drink and review.