Another Find- @South Loop Wine Cellars

While running errands, the WCWG had time to stop at one of his favorite neighborhood establishments, the South Loop Wine Cellar at 1442 S. Michigan Ave.  I just bought two thick yellowfin tuna steaks I was meaning to blacken on our new Coleman grill, and needed a fuller red for the evening.  The owner of SLWC, Amy Garman, is always ready to help with her select ensemble of wines. 

I found a bottle of Seven Sinners Syrah 2004 (a label under Jim Regusci of California Cabernet fame) and wanted to know more about the taste profile and level of quality.  Amy told me it had good body and spice, plus it was a low case production, which instantly gives the feel of great quality.  I splurged a tiny bit and spent $22 for a wine I knew would become a part of a delicious dinner with my wife. 

I took the bottle home and checked it out online, as I do with all of my bottles, and found it to have 5% Petite Sirah as well which will give added depth and structure.  My wife and I grilled the blackened tuna and enjoyed what proved to be a memorable bottle of wine- thanks again Amy!

By the way- Amy holds wine tastings every Friday.  It attracts quite a crowd as you get to try at least five different wines for $5 (free for SLWC club members).  Check it out this week and you will get to try some of California's greats.  Sounds like to place to be in the south loop!