Introducing: WindyCityWineGuy

Wine.  The fermented juice of grapes has been a great sensual pleasure for thousands of years.  The soldiers of ancient armies have drunk it in victory.  Royalty has fawned over and collected it.  Now it is easily available to all of us.  The WCWineGuy does admit: too many producers, varietals, styles, vintages, and viticultural areas have complicated it.  How is the normal Joe and Jane expected to keep up?  And with all of the competition and ease associated with other beverages, such as beer and liquor, why should we try?  Because not only is wine most apt at tantalizing but nothing enhances the taste of  food more.  It seems we only need someone to walk through the air of pomposity and reintroduce this tasty drink to us!

I know the wine critics come up with outrageous smells and tastes but let's face it: We are all different.  Genetically we are not the same.  We do not all like the same smells, tastes, sights, or other sensations.  Along with that, our sensors are going to pick up different responses and there are going to be others with more apt or trained senses.  Where does that leave those of us who find it difficult to pick up sensations?  Believe me, I am here to help you: If you have not given in to the pleasure of food and beverage it is never too late.  I want to give the know-how, the tools, and the information to see, smell, and taste.  We are about to delve into the fun side.

 But let's just remember this: it is all about trying different things, having fun, and finding what you like!  Stay tuned and keep up with the posts- I promise you'll like it!

(Image courtesy of Flickr)